North vs South v1.3 APK

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★★★★★  The Bluecoats North Vs South UNIVERSAL Strategy that is colorful!

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North vs South

Requires Android 2.0.1 and up
Download Size 181 MB(APK+OBB)
Updated On July 27, 2013
Version v1.3 APK
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The Bluecoats North Vs South UNIVERSAL A colorful strategy!

New: Multiplayer!

_____________ Press REVIEWS ____________

“What is a better topic to inspire an French studio to create a game of strategy then that of the US Civil War? It’s a remake that puts a contemporary spin on the iconic 1990 tactical title. ”

“This strategy game represents a combination with Age of Empires and the Oregon Trail, but with plenty greater action.”
“[…] Check out how awesome this game on the iPhone/iPad is!

“A Revival in its most literal meaning, Bluecoats keeps the best elements of the original, but replaces parts that yearned for overhaul and wraps the redesigned formula in a more attractive packaging. If I could pick one of the versions to showcase to show the full possibilities of genre-mashups it would come from this version.”
“If you’re generally a lover of strategy games, and you have at least a smidgen of passion for action, you’ll be able to find a lot of fun in Bluecoats Three-way Mashup. The game’s biggest flaw is the fact that it allows you to start with the normal difficulty level — it’s very clear that you have to climb the ladder of challenge starting at the lowest point.”

“For short sessions, it is a great tool of stimulating you to think about your options. The iOS version makes more sense to purchase rather than the PC and iPad users will likely benefit the most from it. The mini games offer a fascinating strategy, but be sure that you do not overdo the shooting, and then turn your difficulty to the max!”


In the exciting strategy game The Bluecoats – North vs South You play as the role of the commander of one armies that fought The Civil War. Your goal is to besiege American territories !
This is a remastered edition of the game released in the year 1990, featuring new graphics and user-friendly interfaces which are up to date standards.

Get ready to take on to the Yankees or head up the Confederates and take down your adversaries!
Positions taken, taking over states, attacking and capturing forts of enemy forces, attacking trains and defending the railroads of your country …
Capture the port for use with the reinforcements that come from Europe.
Guard yourself against the storms
Be cautious of Indians during the conflict and the Mexican Bandits … If you don’t take care, you’ll get in danger!

In order to emerge with a bang You’ll need learn how to handle turning, fighting in real-time 1 against 30 shoot-outs and even horseback train chases.

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