Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal/Instrument Remover v1.2 [Premium] APK

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The Moises App can allow you to unleash your creativity in music and help make it more enjoyable by practicing. The world’s most popular music track Separator is the most powerful tool of the top musicians.

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Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal/Instrument Remover

Requires Android 5.0 and up
Download Size 4.05 MB(APK)
Updated On January 26, 2021
Version v1.2 [Premium] APK
What’s New in this version –

-Export click track (new).
-Bug fixes.
Update recommended for all users.

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You can extract or isolate any instrument or voice in a song. Create click tracks instantly by altering the speed or pitch in real-time.

Features of Moises: AI Music Edit + Vocal/Instrument Remover :

Remove and remove the vocals from any song.
Remove the instruments from audio/video files
The pitch changer will convert the the music to the key you prefer
Smart metronome generates click tracks that are synchronized.
* Speed changer to speed up or slow it down
* AI Chords detection beta: You can play along using the synchronized notes.
* Mix guitars, drums and bass lines and also pianos and other instruments.

Artificial Intelligence lets you make mashups, samples, remixes as well as backing tracks. Create music like never before, by practicing and creating it!

Moises is ideal for:

* Producers
* Music teachers and students
* Karaoke enthusiasts
* Musicians and DJs

You are able to practice create, perform, and practice wherever you are

Learn you can master the art of by using bassless, guitarless, and drumless tracks.
* Make instrumentals to Karaoke by taking out vocals
* Make use of synced click tracks to create back tracks to any track.
* Create mix-ups, remixes, and Mashups with high-quality audio sources that are stored in the WAV format.
* Separate instruments and voice to separate tracks (vocals drums, bass piano, and many more).
Use our Mixer to alter the volume, pitch, and tempo, and then export the playalong track.

In 4 Easy Steps:

1. Utilize the URL of a website to upload, or download the song
2-Separate tracks
3. Make use of the music mixer
4Download single tracks or the complete mix

Upload files to Google Drive, Dropbox or by copying URLs. The formats that are accepted are:


* MP3, AAC3, and AAC
* WAV (flac), AIFF (AIF).


* MP4, M4A, M4V, M4R

Prepaid customers are able to download the file in the format of MP3 or WAV.

Our Plans:

The free plan doesn’t include all features. You can upgrade to premium to fully unlock the capabilities of Moises.


* Unlimited uploads
* 20 minutes duration (per file)
* Files are saved for ever
* Downloads of MP3 and WAV.
The instruments must be separated from each other.
* Fast processing queue
* Advanced settings
* Mixer
* Smart Metronome
* Chords detection (beta)
* Lyrics (coming shortly).
* Change in pitch
* Playback speed

Free User:

* 5 uploads per month
* 5 minutes duration (per file)
* Files will be kept for 3 days
* MP3 320Kps download
* Separation of instruments with a limited scope
* Standard processing queue
* Mixer
* Smart Metronome (in.)
* Chords detection (1 min)
* Lyrics (coming very soon).
* Restrictive pitch alters
* Limits the playback speed

Download Moises App to create music like never before. Moises App to make music like you’ve never heard before!

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