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The Bluecoats North Vs South UNIVERSAL A colorful strategy!

New: Multiplayer!

_____________ Press REVIEWS ____________

"What is a better topic to inspire an French studio to create a game of strategy then that of the US Civil War? It's a remake that puts a contemporary spin on the iconic 1990 tactical title. "

"This strategy game represents a combination with Age of Empires and the Oregon Trail, but with plenty greater action."
"[...] Check out how awesome this game on the iPhone/iPad is! "

"A Revival in its most literal meaning, Bluecoats keeps the best elements of the original, but replaces parts that yearned for overhaul and wraps the redesigned formula in a more attractive packaging. If I could pick one of the versions to showcase to show the full possibilities of genre-mashups it would come from this version."
"If you're generally a lover of strategy games, and you have at least a smidgen of passion for action, you'll be able to find a lot of fun in Bluecoats Three-way Mashup. The game's biggest flaw is the fact that it allows you to start with the normal difficulty level -- it's very clear that you have to climb the ladder of challenge starting at the lowest point."