Link2SD Plus v4.0.11 [Premium] APK

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Link2SD provides an application management tool that can make it simple to Android 2.0and above users to move apps to the SD card.

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Link2SD Plus

Requires Android 2.1 and up
Download Size 3.78 MB(APK)
Updated On April 22, 2015
Version v4.0.11 [Premium] APK
What’s New in this version –

– fixed bug in linking obb and ext. data on some Motorola devices
– fixed bug in “Integrate update into system” function on Android 5.1
– minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Mod Info:
Premium features unlocked;
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
Analytics / Crashlytics are disabled.

This app has no advertisements


Plus key to Link2SD

The app works as a license key that only re-enables for the Link2SD (free) application and converts it to Plus edition, which removes advertisements and unlocks more features. The app will display “Link2SD Plus” on the title of the Link2SD (free) application.

Plus additional features Link internal application data directory on SD card

It is recommended to make use of a non-FAT system for file storage (ext2, ext3, or ext4 or f2fs) on the second partition. Since the FAT file system (FAT16 FAT16, FAT32, or exFAT) doesn’t support UNIX permissions or ownership of files and can cause a security breach of private app files.

Link external data and obb folders for games and apps to an SD card
Links dex files from the system applications onto an SD card
Automatic clear cache services
Eliminates ads from Link2SD

**** NOTE for older Link2SD Plus users ****
Due to a glitch in Google Play the package name of the app was changed and is now available as a brand new app.
It’s similar to the older version. You can continue using the older version. You can install the previous version by going to “Play Store My Apps and then All”.

**** Support & Upgrades / Reinstalls ****
* Make sure you have “Link2SD Plus” installed, and don’t stop using it. (disable) it.
* Link2SD Plus purchase is per Google account to purchase purchases from the Play Store, all upgrades and Reinstalls are free.
It is possible to install Link2SD Plus on any device for free for as long as you are using that same Google account that you purchased it using. Make note that when making Google Play Store purchases if you have more than one Google accounts on your device, the “original” Google account should be chosen on the Play Store (side menu > the white arrow in the upper-right corner next to the Google account).

If you’re getting license error
This is documented in the following cases:
* The Play Store application has not been loaded. Please open the Play Store app and wait until it is fully loaded before starting the page. The Play Store app may be unable to load, for instance in the self-updating process. Wait until it completely loads, and then you can start Link2SD and try again.
* Internet connection isn’t available/not stable or the Play Store applications or services are not available on the internet. It is required to connect to the internet for the initial license check. However, you are able to temporarily be offline for a short period of time, before you need to conduct another license test. Caching is enabled to perform a the license check.
* Link2SD Plus is in fact not licensed/order is incomplete/refunded/canceled. Please log in to “” and confirm that whether your Link2SD Plus status is “Complete”
* Invalid Google accounts on your device. Google Play Apps are tied to your Google account. If you alter the account, Play Store can’t recognize the purchase. You must add the Google account to your device and/or choose this account from the Google Play Store application (side menu, then top right arrow beside you Google account)
* there are too many requests from Play servers for license checks. Try again later (in about 10 mins)
* (Android 2.x) background data is deactivated

To address this problem:
1. Remove Link2SD along with Link2SD Plus then reboot
2. Verify that you have an internet connectivity in good working order and stable
3. Install Link2SD along with Link2SD Plus through the Google Play Store app. Reinstalling to the same account is free. (Installing directly from the APK will not fix the issue.)
4. It is possible that you need to start or wait some time before exiting Link2SD A several times in order to refresh the your license state.
5. If it doesn’t work clean the data of Google Play Store or Google Play Services and then reboot

If you’re receiving “insufficient space available” error message when setting up Link2SD Plus even you have enough free space
To address this problem:
1. “Clear all caches of apps” within Link2SD
2. 2 “install the location” to auto within Link2SD settings, then reboot.
3. If this didn’t help Clear the data from Google Play Store and Google Play Services and then reboot.

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