Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna v3.2.1 [Unlocked] APK

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The most powerful tuning tool for bass, guitar and ukulele as well as all other the most popular instruments for string. GuitarTuna was downloaded more than 20 million times . It is used by students and professionals!

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Guitar Tuner Free – GuitarTuna

Requires Android 2.3 and up
Download Size 13.3 MB(APK)
Updated On April 3, 2015
Version v3.2.1 [Unlocked] APK
What’s New in this version –

We’ve updated GuitarTuna with a brand new look and feel. We hope you like it!

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GuitarTuna is the most simple to use, most efficient and accurate tuneer application worldwide!

What is the reason it’s the most well-known tuner? Easy to use and simple to use. It works with electric and strings instruments and acoustic guitars by using an integrated microphone. There are no cables to connect.
* Ideal for beginners who are complete. Highly recommended by guitar instructors.
* Simple and easy to understand. A clear visual feedback and the history of signals.

Audio technology that has won awards:
* Based around the world’s most sophisticated audio recognition algorithm. This is the same technology that powers Yousician
Accuracy and professionalism for advanced players
* Auto Mode Tuner (for extremely fast tuning, hands-free and by string)

Advanced instruments for all musicians:
* Set the metronome to any speed, alter the beat by either manually or tapping at the speed you want
6. Ultimate Chord Learning Games: Learn, practice and master chords and the ability to recognize them the ear
A Chord Library search for any chord diagram you want and listen to how it will sound
• Learn to Play Guitar Songs Four songs that use the guitar note (tabs) to learn and test your skill
* Alternative tuning sets

(we are currently working on the feature of chromatic tuner We appreciate your input!)

works with
* Acoustic and electric guitars
* Bass
* Mandolin
* Ukulele
* Viola
* Violin
* Cello
* Fiddle
* Balalaika
* Banjo
* Other string instruments

Extra features
* Can be used in noisy areas and with the technology to block background noise
* Created by guitarists, for guitarists and created by some of the most renowned audio engineers
• Improve your proficiency in tabs, chords and riffs and ear training and speed up your playing as you’d do take guitar lessons or classes
Make the app appear like your instrument by selecting different headstock graphics

Please be aware:
If this you’re the first time you’ve tuned the instrument or guitar make sure you are careful. We suggest taking a look at an YouTube instructional video or asking a guitarist what they do. Beginners are at risk of breaking strings by using incorrect tuning techniques.

We welcome feedback
Have you got ideas to help make GuitarTuna better? Send your ideas and suggestions to:

Also download our free music learning application:
Yousician is the best method to practice, learn and master the piano, guitar and the ukulele

*Ranked as the Education app that is the most popular in 119 countries. ****
** Chosen twice as Editor’s Choice in 2015 **
Over 25 million users*

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