WiFi Warden v3.0.9 [AdFree] APK

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With WiFi Warden, users are able to study WiFi networks as well as join your WiFi by using WPS to increase your security, and calculate the WPS PINs of certain routers.

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WiFi Warden

Requires Android 4.1 and up
Download Size 6.51 MB(APK)
Updated On May 27, 2020
Version v1.5.3 [Premium] APK
What’s New in this version –

Bug Fixes

Ads Removed

This app has no advertisements.


Using WiFi Warden, you can: Analyze WiFi networks
Connect to your WiFi via WPS
Improve your security
Determine the WPS PINs of certain routers
Check stored WiFi logins (requires root)
Check the details of devices that are part of the system (Include Name, the MAC address, Vendor IP)
Find the ports that are open to an item on the network
Create strong passwords

Through analyzing Wi-Fi networks, you’ll be in a position to:
Check out all the information you can find on WiFi networks that surround you such as SSID BSSID, SSID, Channel number, bandwidth of the channel The manufacturer of the router encryption, security Distance, etc.
Find a channel with less competition to improve the signal quality that your router wireless.

Do I have to root my device?
To be able to connect with WPS, your phone needs to be root using Android 9 or newer versions however if you’re using Android 5-8, you don’t have to root your phone.
* Due to the latest limitation that come with Android 9+, your device needs to be root in order to be able to connect via WPS. Note that the rooting is not supported on certain devices.

To see WiFi passwords: you require root access for every Android versions.
To find the serial number of Access point, you must have root access for the various Android versions.
To test the lock of WPS You must have root access to the various Android versions.

Please Note:

* Connection made using WPS isn’t working on all routers. The reason for this isn’t WiFi Warden, but rather the router! In these instances, you should make use of the passphrase in order in order to join the WiFi.
* To connect to WPS The AP must be enabled for WPS. The access points which have activated WPS are identified with”WPS. “WPS” in red.
* Beginning with Android 6 (Marshmallow) it is mandatory to grant permission for location to display Wi-Fi networks surrounding you.
More information at: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/marshmallow/android-6.0-changes.html#behavior-hardware-id
* Please don’t request me to add additional WPS PINs. If I discover a newly discovered WPS PIN, I’ll add it to future versions. If your router’s PIN is not listed in the app, you can search for it on your label of the product.
* In order to see the bandwidth of the channel You need Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher version.
* Currently , the updated security guidelines are only available to Asus as well as TP-Link D-Link as well as Zyxel routers.
* It’s best to use root method when testing the null PIN.
This calculation is on the basis of the formula for loss of free space. This figure is an estimate.
In-app purchases are used for the purpose of removing advertisements. The app is not selling anything. The app’s features are all available free without cost.
* Connecting using WPS PIN, without root access is not working on certain LG as well as Huawei devices. This is a problem with LG as well as Huawei software but not with WiFi Warden. WiFi Warden.
* Certain Samsung devices can utilize encryption, but they do not display the actual passwords. If you’re interested in knowing how to decrypt them check out the details on the internet or email me.
* Certain of the tools in this program (Specially the WPS Connection) have been designed for testing as well as Educational purposes. Make use of them on your own responsibility. The app’s creator cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.
Before commenting be sure to are familiar with the way the app functions.

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