WiFi Warden v3.0.9 [AdFree] APK

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    • Create Date December 23, 2022
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    Using WiFi Warden, you can: Analyze WiFi networks
    Connect to your WiFi via WPS
    Improve your security
    Determine the WPS PINs of certain routers
    Check stored WiFi logins (requires root)
    Check the details of devices that are part of the system (Include Name, the MAC address, Vendor IP)
    Find the ports that are open to an item on the network
    Create strong passwords

    Through analyzing Wi-Fi networks, you'll be in a position to:
    Check out all the information you can find on WiFi networks that surround you such as SSID BSSID, SSID, Channel number, bandwidth of the channel The manufacturer of the router encryption, security Distance, etc.
    Find a channel with less competition to improve the signal quality that your router wireless.

    Do I have to root my device?
    To be able to connect with WPS, your phone needs to be root using Android 9 or newer versions however if you're using Android 5-8, you don't have to root your phone.
    * Due to the latest limitation that come with Android 9+, your device needs to be root in order to be able to connect via WPS. Note that the rooting is not supported on certain devices.