Talking Translator v2.0.2 [Premium] APK

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1 second of interpretation or translation OK, support for more than a hundred languages The final translation tool you’ll ever require.

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Talking Translator

Requires Android 4.4 and up
Download Size 35.8 MB(APK)
Updated On July 28, 2021
Version v2.0.2 [Premium] APK
What’s New in this version –

Update for the Talking Translator

Boost the stability and usability of the application.
After addressing minor problems, the program has been significantly improved.
The updated version of the software is flawless.
It would be best if you told people about it.

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The last translation app you’ll ever need

any person, anywhere
Thanks to its quick translation feature, the Talking Translator software will assist you in communicating in any multilingual setting, including travel, business meetings, buyer’s meetings, or simple discussions.

With respect, honest dialogue may begin.
Test out the Talking Translator app, which has a cutting-edge “Shared View” function that works in real time for you and your companion. The other person will no doubt value your consideration while you converse with them.

One second of real-time, immediate translation!
When using the software, voice recognition initially appears and assists you when you require an immediate translation despite a shaky internet connection. Through the voice recognition history, you can review your prior sentences.

various language assistance
With just one piece of software, you can translate into more than 100 languages: Talking Translator! Do you need help understanding how to read the sentence? No issue! A handwritten text translation is available through Talking Translator.

Includes English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and Arabic among the more than 100 languages it supports.

What more could you want than interpretation, translation, copying, and favorites?
We provided several features. With the “zoom” (neon sign) feature, you may quickly converse with someone at a distance in addition to translating, interpreting, favorites, copying, and sharing.

The notification bar, the app’s crowning feature, is available.
All-inclusive solutions for all your requirements, including a torch, keyboard, notification bar, news feed, and search functionality. For translation and interpretation to begin, slide the notification bar.

Additionally, it looks fantastic.
Even translators ought to be adorable. You will find your style with eight vibrant themes based on natural objects like cherries, watermelons, grapes, etc.

For your multilingual existence, Talking Translator developers are present.

Notice of Permission for Talking Translator
The following permissions must be granted for you to use the Talking Translator app to its fullest potential. The permissions provided won’t be used for anything besides what the notice states.

Approval for photography is needed.
To use the torch feature, you must have authorization to use the camera (flash).

Permission for images, media, and files is needed.
This is necessary to set the album’s background image and see its photos.

Permission to use a microphone and record audio is necessary.
This is necessary to use the speech input for the voice recognition feature.

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