App Cloner v1.5.32 [Premium] [Mod] APK

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With App Cloner App Cloner, you are able to make as well as install several copies of your apps.

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App Cloner

Requires Android 4.1 and up
Download Size 21.4 MB(APK)
Updated On March 26, 2020
Version v1.5.32 [Premium] [Mod] APK
What’s New in this version –

• Storage option ‘Bundle original app’
• Storage option ‘Prompt to keep app data on uninstall’
• Navigation option ‘Popup blocker’
• Notification option ‘Toast position’
• Notification option ‘Toast duration’
• Disable / enable delay for ‘Disable all networking’ option
• Automation option ‘Flashlight while app is open’
• ‘SOCKS proxy’ now works on Android 10
• Support for latest Puffin Browser
• Support for YouTube Vanced (premium)

★★★ MOD ★★★

Original Mod
■  Premium version (donations – commercial use)

■ Turned internet off so apps like express VPN can be cloned again
■ Arm and X86 separate files
■ Package name changed to fix the cloning app with a higher case letter eg. cloneR.

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Utilizing App Cloner App Cloner, you are able to build duplicate copies the apps you already have.

The cloned apps function in parallel and operate independently of their original apps. They do not receive updates automatically, so you are able to keep running an up-to-date version with the original application.

App cloning may be helpful for simultaneous logins for apps like Facebook, Twitter or Skype but the fun begins by playing around with an app. Cloner app Cloner provides a variety of mods to modify the copy of the app.

You can modify the app’s names and icons. You can disable permissions or permit a cloned application to be installed on an external SD-card. You can turn off auto-start, backups of apps, or uninvited defaults to apps. Cloner app Cloner can also extend the cloned application to add new functions like password protection, incognito with encrypted deletion of files, concealing the Android ID, or spoofing location. It is also possible to force the app to use data only over Wi-Fi. Every new App Cloner update will include more options.

Premium version comes withThe free version lets you perform basic copying. Premium users can benefit from the entire range of options:
* Clone WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
Develop multiple apps clones, and utilize batch Cloning
* Share or save cloned apps
* Replace icons for launchers
* Clone watch apps , or watch faces

Options for display:
The status can be changed, as well as navigation, and color of the toolbar
* Reset the rotation lock.
* Change the app’s language and font size, font
* Make sure screen is on, in immersive mode
Enable multi-window support. adjust the window size

Option for Privacy:
* Removing app permissions
* Password-protected applications
* Incognito mode on apps.
* Disable application from recents
* Change Android ID, hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC
* Block the app from showing up in images
* Spoof Location

Options for storage:
* Allow applications to run on an external SD-card
* Allow/prevent app backups
External storage for the Sandbox
* Clear cache at exit

Options for launching:
Remove the widgets and launcher icons
* Disable auto-start
* Disable app defaults

Options for network connectivity:
* Disable mobile data
* Disable background networking
* SOCKS proxy (route traffic through proxy)

Optional notification options
* Notification filter
* Notifications to be silent
• Change the notification color

Options for automation:
* Adjust the brightness or volume when the program is set to start.
* Do Not Disturb the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth controls
* Tasker integration

Some apps are not able to be copied. Cloned apps can fail, display errors or perform in a way that isn’t correct.
Cloning an application will alter its certificate. This means that the app will not function if it validates its certificate, or when it is in contact with other apps from similar publishers.
App components that are dependent on the certificate, such as Google accounts, logins to Google’s account Google Play services Google Maps, Google Cloud messaging or in-app purchases won’t work or break the app that is cloned.

Certain apps are cloned
* Amazon Kindle
* Dropbox (except the internal viewer for PDF)
* eBay
* Facebook (only for Google Android 5.0 or later Language can be English only)
* Facebook Lite
* Firefox
* Flickr
* Flipboard
* Instagram
* Netflix
* Opera, Opera Mini
* Outlook
* Pinterest
* Skype
* Spotify
* SwiftKey Keyboard
* Telegram
* Threema
* Tumblr
* Twitter
* WordPress
* Yahoo Mail

Watch faces and apps are often copied.

Certain apps cannot be copied:
* The majority Google apps
* Chrome
* Evernote
* OneDrive
* Snapchat
* Skype for Business
* Trello
* Viber
* WeChat
* YouTube (version 4.2.x is working)

If you discover an app which isn’t cloned, it is possible to use “Report app problem” to identify the issue.
To install applications, you’ll need to turn on Settings > > Security > Unknown Sources.
To duplicate watch faces, you might need to enable the option to show system apps in the menu of navigation.
The names of the products and brands mentioned above are the property to their owners.
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