Unicorn Blocker: Adblocker, Fast & Private v1.9.9.25 [Final] [Paid] APK

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    • Create Date December 31, 2022
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    Did you realize that the amount of data that ads consume can be at times quadruple? cost of data that ads consume by up to four times blocking ads and makes internet surfing up to three times more efficient. In addition, lighter web surfing can increase the battery's lifespan by 21%..

    Blocks ads
    * Can save up to 50% off your data plan
    * Browse up to 3x FASTER
    * Increase battery lifespan up to 21 percent (from: New York Times)

    Ads block types
    * Stops irritating pre-roll videos advertisements
    * Blocks ads which hide and then show up
    * Ads that block the screen and suddenly pop up
    * blocks ads which use up data
    * Blocks sexual advertisements
    * Blocks trackers
    * Blocks pop-up ads
    * Stops redirects that are forced and ads

    Websites that have ads blocked
    * Top 1,000 Mobile/PC websites
    * Community
    * Press
    * Portal
    * Blog
    * Advertising agency

    Supported Browser
    * Samsung Internet 4.0 or higher must be installed.
    * Yandex Browser