REFACE: Face swap videos and memes with your photo v1.7.7 [Pro] [Mod] APK

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    Doublicat Refuse to be Doublicat have changed our name and you are able to swap faces.

    REFACE can be described as the top Face swap applicationLet's get straight to the point--REFACE is the most sophisticated top-rated funny and weird deepfake and face swapping application. Ever. Our cutting-edge AI technology was mentioned on Forbes' Mashable TNW and Digital Trends. Together with a constant update of videos, gifs, photos and images, you can create amazing Face swap video and GIFs by taking only a single photo. REFACE will surely shock you when you transform your face, swapping it with famous faces and turn into an eminent figure in the world of movies and TV shows. Make yourself a magician, a pop star or president. Make yourself a celebrity by swapping your appearance with the latest TV and film clips, or just have fun replacing the face of your friend with memes with our face editor and transformable deepfake technology. REFACE has also been voted the most powerful meme maker on the planet.

    What is deepfake?
    Deepfake technology goes beyond simply face swapping. With REFACE's exclusive deepfake AI, your photo is projected onto another person in the most realistic way that you've ever seen, with realistic faces and expressions that appear as you do. Utilizing our custom-made RefaceAI, it is possible to see what it's like to see your face featured in popular videos and more. How do we do it? If we said we'd be able to kill you, but believe us when we say that the outcomes are incredible.

    "If you want to show your friends and family some sincerely cursed GIFs consider giving this a try. We're not responsible if they dissociate from you. "Mashable Mashable

    You can fake yourself
    You can ruin the reality. Make fun of your with your friends. Have fun with your friends. Copy your face on your favorite TV superhero or meme gif, and upload it to social media, or with your friends in a video or GIF. Modify your gender-based morphing faces and create advanced deep fake face merging using our state of the modern AI-powered face changer. Finally, show your creation to the world and amaze them.

    Here's the way to use HTML0: Refface:
    You can swap your face with film or TV stars using deepfake technology.
    Live Face swaps and gender swaps.
    You will be amazed by the fake maker that is deep and the facial changer.
    Share your amazing face swapping clip or funny meme as a gif , or video to social media.
    Face swapping is a fun activity that you can try with GIFs and videos that are posted each day.

    Top 5 apps across more than 100 countries
    Formerly known as Doublicat, REFACE is known in more than 100 different countries for being the best face swapping app. Reface is powered by RefaceAI, the most modern state-of-the-art face swap AI/ML technology. It been featured by Forbes in Mashable TNW and Digital Trends.