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    The new generation of the most useful smart tools for Android. Do not just use them but take advantage of them! The top smartphone GPS tools in one application: Compass, GPS Test Street Vew, Speedometer, Waypoint Navigation, Altimeter, GPS Locations and GPS Stamp camera

    A description for each of the tools is given below:

    1. Testing GPS GPS Data GPS Toolbox.GPS Receiver signal strength, or Signal to Noise ratio
    .Supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and SBAS. BEIDOU as well as QZSS satellites.
    .Coordinate Grids
    Dec Degs, Dec Degs Micro, Dec Mins, Deg Min Secs, UTM, MGRS, USNG
    .Dilution of Precision
    HDOP (Horizontal), VDOP (Vertical), PDOP (Position)
    .Local as well as GMT time
    .Sunrise sunset Official Civil, Nautical, Astronomical

    2. Waypoint Navigation
    Way Points give the user the ability to personalize and identify the places they wish for them to "waypoint" on. Users can select their current location, or move and drop their marker on the map. Just swipe left off"Add" on the "Add" screen to access Way Points.

    3.Digital Compass Pro Toolbox
    Compass Pro is the application designed for professionals as well as amateurs! Compass Pro can be described as a genuine compass! It displays the device's real-time orientation towards magnetic fields. It provides a wealth of details like altitude, location and speed barometric pressure, magnetic field and more.
    Compass Pro is simple to use.

    4. GPS Locations
    GPS Locations display the current location, time and date. time to the second with an interactive map. You can also copy your coordinates and locate any item you can see on the map using precise crosshairs.