All In One Calculator and Unit Converter (PRO) v8 [Paid] APK

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    This app comes with fifteen Unit Conversions ideal body weight calculator Tip Calculator, as well as many other features you'll love.

    The list below lists the features available:1) General Calculator It supports all general mathematical operations like multiplication, subtraction, and addition and the square root, division and power
    2) Algebra Calculator - Supports Equation Solver, Fractions, GCF / LCM, Percentage
    3.) Unit Converter Allows conversion from units that are Angle and Area, as well as data storage, transfer Energy length Pressure, Number System Speed, Size of Shoe, Temperature and Volume. Weight
    4) Health Calculators - Supports Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Percentage, Calorie Intake, Ideal Body Weight
    5) Finance Calculators - Supports Compound Interest, Discount, Simple Interest, Tip Calculator
    6.) Geometry Calculators - Supports Perimeter Volume, Area Surface Area Calculators together with Heron's Formula Calculator