Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v3.4.40ƞ [Nightly] [Premium] [Mod] APK

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AdGuard is the best method to eliminate intrusive advertisements and tracking on the internet, and to shield your computer from malicious software. Speed up your browsing and safer by using AdGuard!

  Adguard – Block Ads Without Root
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Download Size 15.8 MB(APK)
Updated On March 20, 2020
Version v3.4.40ƞ [Nightly] [Premium] [Mod] APK
What’s New in this version –

* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Feature] Add UDP over SOCKS5 support;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Feature] Change evdns to c-ares;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] “badfilter” modifier doesn’t work with “all” modifier;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] AG cannot handle 103 Early Hints;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Change conversion rules for `##^` rules — add max-length=”262144″;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Crash on network change;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] DNS timeouts decreased;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] EAVR(W) in AresResolver::process;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Extended CSS rule is not working, if ‘:contains()’ has ‘:’;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Implement API for working with the native browser assistant;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Rules are not applied to websites with dot at the end;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Scriptlet exceptions don’t work correctly;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] Stack overflow while closing HTTP/2 stream;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] c-ares updated to the latest version;
* [Corelibs v1.5.215 Fix] breaks when you watch encrypted channels;
* [Enhancement] Application crashed on the Android 11 while the user trying to open any filtering log details;
* [Enhancement] It’s insanely hard to install a user certificate on Android 11;
* [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.5.232;
* [Feature] Add @TPS to acknowledges page;
* [Fix] “HTTPS filtering is off” SnackBar covers Data Saved stat on Home Screen;
* [Fix] Allow suppressing HTTPS filtering error notification;
* [Fix] Fix the bug on Android 11 when filtering doesn’t work with enabled AdGuard.

Mod Info:
Premium features unlocked;
No startup with patched watermarks;
Skip startup tutorial.

This app has no advertisements



AdGuard can be the most effective method to eliminate annoying ads and online tracking and also to safeguard your computer from malicious malware.

Improve your internet browsing speed, more secure and enjoyable by using AdGuard!

AdGuard is an exclusive no-root ad blocker on Android that eliminates ads from browsers and apps, safeguards your privacy and lets you manage your apps. It’s easy to install and begin using, but robust and extremely customizableit comes with everything you’ll need from an Android advertising blocker It works on devices that are rooted as well as unrooted.

Why should you choose AdGuard?
Blocks advertisements everywhere
Block all over the system. This includes video advertisements and advertisements in your preferred games, apps, browsers as well as on every website you could think of. A plethora of ads filters are accessible to you and are regularly updated and guarantee the highest filtering performance.

cares for your security
We respect the security of your personal data more than everything else. With AdGuard you’ll be protected from trackers on the internet as well as analytics software that are lurking online, trying to steal your private data.

Saves your traffic
The more ads blocked, the fewer ads loaded. Less ads loaded equals more traffic is saved. Simple maths for AdGuard! Download the apk fileand install the app , and then use your time on things you love instead of wasting it on ad-bombs.

You are in the control
It’s your device at the end of the day you are the one who decides the filters that are applied and what isn’t. A diverse set of settings — ranging from basic to “pro”along with an Application Management tool can help you modify the filtering settings to your preference.

Try AdGuard an ad blocker on Android applications for free and experience the difference! Once you’ve tried our application for your mobile or tablet and you’ll never ever go back.

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