Nodesk VPN – Best, Free and Unlimited Bandwidth v1.40 Global [AdFree] APK

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Nodesk VPN is an intuitive virtual private network tool that enables you to protect your online privacy and circumvent geo-restrictions. You could access to the internet securely and anonymously using Nodesk VPN without fearing that 0.33 events would be used to trace or monitor your online activities.

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Nodesk VPN – Best, Free and Unlimited Bandwidth

Requires Android 4.1 and up
Download Size 4.63 MB(APK)
Updated On April 1, 2021
Version v1.40 Global [AdFree] APK
What’s New in this version –

– Nodes CPU details
– Nodes max bandwidth (Updated every 5 minutes)

❏ Mod info :
◉ All ads removed
◉ Ads activity cleaned
◉ Removed useless files
◉ Removed useless layouts
◉ Removed debug codes
◉ Reduced file size 6>4
◉ Optimized & aligned
◉ Architecture : ARM64


The fact that Nodesk VPN doesn’t demand a long-term commitment or subscription is one of its most notable features. Without having to worry about cancellation fees or other unforeseen costs, you can use it for however long you need. It is therefore a reasonable and adaptable substitute for users who just occasionally require VPN access.

Moreover, Nodesk VPN adheres strictly to the “no-logs” policy, which states that it keeps no records of your internet behavior. This ensures that your privacy is always safeguarded and that your browsing data is retained in a totally private way.

Nodesk VPN’s use of dedicated IP addresses, which provides it with a high level of security and dependability, is another important feature. This allows you to use a static IP address to access the internet in a way that is most convenient for you while still keeping your online identity and location private from prying eyes.

Additionally, Nodesk VPN offers configurable options so you may adjust your VPN experience to meet your specific requirements. There are many options available to you, including break-up tunneling, which enables you to route some internet traffic over the VPN while other traffic uses your regular internet connection.

Also, Nodesk VPN has free servers available in its community, allowing you to access a variety of locations and enjoy high-speed connections without having to spend more. Because of this, it offers clients who want access to material in several nations or areas a low-cost choice.

In general, Nodesk VPN offers consumers that require sporadic VPN connection a flexible and affordable choice. It is a dependable and consistent VPN option for protecting your online privacy and having proper access to the internet thanks to its no-logs policy, dedicated IP addresses, programmable settings, and free servers.

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