Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 Days v1.6 (Premium) APK

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Effective workouts at various levels of intensity, lose weight and BUY 6 PACK abs at the comfort of your own home.

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Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 Days

Requires Android 5.0 and up
Download Size 38.8 MB(APK)
Updated On October 28, 2020
Version v1.6 (Premium) APK
What’s New in this version –

Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout

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Home Workout – 30-Day Fitness offers a wide range of exercises to strengthen your abdominals, arms, shoulders and legs, as along with complete body workouts.All exercises have been designed by experienced fitness trainers. While it takes only just a few minutes per day, it could help you build the abs and shape you’ve been dreaming about!

With 3D video and photos to help you with each exercise you can ensure that you’re exercising properly. Training is appropriate for all levels and you can do them easily at home or from anywhere with without equipment needed.

Men Workout Lose Weight within 30 Days:3 different levels, suitable for everyone novice or professional
30-day exercise routines to get six-pack abs and a fit body
– Weight loss workout abs workout daily workout arm workout leg workout…
Record the progress of automatic training
You can customize your workout reminders
Chart tracks trends in weight
– The intensity of exercise is increased step-by-step
Tutorials with images and videos easy to follow

Home Workout for Men
Exercise for all the major muscle groups at home. The intense workouts of the 30 day challenge can help you shed fat, shed fat and achieve abs that are six packs.

Workout at Home
You don’t need any equipment to train at home anytime you’d like. Spend a few minutes each day to stay in shape in the way you would like.

Fitness Coach
The exercises are created by experienced fitness trainers. Complete training and exercise guides similar to having an individual trainer on your side.

Fat Burning Workout & Hiit Workouts
Workouts that burn calories, and incorporated with a variety of exercises for more muscle 7 min Classic 4 Minute Tabata Morning Warm Up Shoulder and Abs Workout Back …

Fitness App With Different Levels
With a variety of levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. No matter if you’re an amateur or a professional you will find the exercise which are suitable for your needs.

Practice every day can help you improve your skills.
5S Studio wished you have moments of fun in the gym and healthy!

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