Vortexsat- IPTV server MACS + IPTV Player v1.34 [Pro] APK

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    • Create Date January 4, 2023
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    Elegant interface, simple to use, it has TV and Movie categories all within one application to get the best entertainment.

    There are a variety of programs available to you to choose from:

    You can watch films without any cost; open as well as closed channels

    The best part is that every channel is in HD FULL HD and are free of crashes.

    Make sure you add an /c/ before the server's URL when you use OTT Navigator , IPTV Stalker Player and StbEmu (Pro) for Android devices.
    For example: http://mahs.work:80/c/
    When using PC application like the stalker player v4.0 for PC and SFVIP Player, make sure to remove the the /c/ in the URL .

    Tested and worked 26-1-2021