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    With Net Optimizer, Find & Connect the fastest DNS server based totally on your region & community. Improve net browsing pace with faster response time. Fix lag and decrease latency.​

    What is the advantage of Net Optimizer?

    -Find & Connect the quickest DNS server based in your place & community.

    -Improve net browsing pace with faster response time.

    -Fix lag and reduce latency (ping time) on online video games for a better gaming experience.


    -Just one contact to locate & join the fastest DNS server to boost your connection.

    -Automatically hit upon connection modifications and optimize the community.

    -Scan all DNS servers with one touch manually to look at all info yourself.

    -Works for each cellular facts (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi connection

    -Supports many exceptional DNS Servers (Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Dyn, FreeDNS, Alternate DNS, Yandex DNS, UncensoredDNS, puntCAT and more)

    How does it work?

    However, if you have an excessive-pace Internet connection, be aware that your internet surfing speed isn't all that it's cracked as much as it be, then your hassle may additionally lie inside the DNS. Optimizing your device's DNS statistics lets you discover the fastest routes on your statistics packets to take when traveling the Internet. It received raises on your download/add velocity; however, in a few instances, it can significantly develop net surfing time.

    At times, you can experience slow hiccups while trying to use the Internet out of your tool. Sometimes, these issues may be attributed to your provider's DNS settings because your ISP might not always have quality DNS server speeds.

    Your default DNS server directly affects how fast you can connect with an internet site. So choosing the fastest server according to your vicinity will assist in speeding up surfing.

    With Net Optimizer, you can find the quickest DNS server and connect with it with simply one touch!

    Your surfing velocity and gaming enjoyment (ping and latency) may be progressed. (But you have to bear in mind that DNS settings will not affect on your net download / add speed; however, reaction time)


    Test effects showed a 132.1 percent improvement from using Google's DNS servers over the usage of the inventory DNS servers. However, in actual global utilization, it will be a little slower. Still, this tweak may get you to feel like you have a blazing connection to the Internet sooner or later!