Multi Parallel – Multiple Accounts & App Clone v1.3.80.0526 [Premium] APK

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    • Create Date December 23, 2022
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    Multiple accounts can be used for unlimited accounts on WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, the most popular game and app.

    Do you wish the ability to control multiple social profiles and swiftly switch between them? Do you wish to play games that require different roles or with multiple accounts for more enjoyment?

    Multi Parallel can free you from the stress dealing with multiple accounts!
    It is easy to use one phone to sign in to different accounts while keeping them up simultaneously!
    Create as numerous accounts as you'd like and customize them with different names and icons and then secure them with privacy locks.

    Fully support 64bit apps , and you don't need to install an lib that is supported for the majority of applications. If you're trying duplicate legacy apps that only come with 32bit libraries, upgrade the application to 32bit or download the support library for 32bit.

    Multi Parallel is compatible with all messaging applications games, messaging apps, and social networking applications. Google Play Service is also compatible, and you are able to connect to other apps like Google Play Games and other applications within your copies.

    Log into your various games, messaging and social applications.
    You can balance your personal and business accounts and manage your life with a single accounts.
    " Double Game Accounts, and double enjoyment.
    * Data from clones and original apps are separate

    Customize your account with different icons and labels