Magisk – Root & Universal Systemless Interface v21.3 [Final] APK

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    • Create Date January 4, 2023
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    Features Of Magisk - Root & Universal Systemless Interface :
    100% open source and simple to build!

    Magic Mount:
    Let you make any modifications to your system (vendor) modifications without altering the partitions.
    Any thing can be loaded using Magisk system-free!

    MagiskSU: Open Source Root Solution

    The device can be rooted using MagiskSU which is based on the Superuser of phh that is based on the CM Superuser.

    Magisk Manager:
    MagiskSU Root Management, Upgrade Magisk, Manage MagiskHide lists
    Manage the download, upgrade, and upgrade process. install Magisk Modules using the online community-driven Magisk Module Repo.

    Hide Magisk from detections: Google SafetyNet, enterprise / bank integrity checks for systems Game tamper check, etc.

    You can make any modifications to the system's properties that you wish to modify, such as props with read-only access.
    It can also be used with magiskhide to alter devices by sending them status information by the bootloader

    (Optional) (Optional) AVB 2.0 and dm-verity. to forceencrypt.
    Unlock partition blocks in order to support Remount to RW