INKredible – Handwriting Note v2.4.1 [Unlocked] [Modded] [SAP] APK

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    It's fascinating how paper and pen two inventions that date back hundreds many years back, were nearly irreplaceable. Until now. With the most effective ink feature from the renowned Notes Plus app, now with its own auto wrist and palm rejection, INKredible makes the writing experience on tablets feel as great as, or even better than pencil on paper. You must try it for yourself to feel it. It's incredible!


    INKredible is a company with a singular objective: to deliver an exceptional writing experience on tablets. It's intended to be free of distractions. Most times there aren't the UI control or button, but an uncluttered piece of white paper for writing on.


    With over 3 years of R&D in the field of vector-graphics inking We are certain that INKredible is a highly advanced manipulation of the Bezier curves can make your handwriting appear more appealing than on paper.

    And, more importantly it can be used at any resolution, whether for printing or for display reasons. Zoom into the image and you'll discover why INKredible stands out from other handwriting programs.

    ... and, well, PERFECT!

    Okay, the incredible writing experience you get on tablets may not be flawless, but it's near to being the best it is possible to find.

    It is FREE. Take a test today and discover the difference for yourself.