Calculator Plus v6.2.1 [Paid] APK

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    I'm large easy to read and I'm great at saving time and energy. I can remember all the calculations you make and allow you to review it whenever you want, which makes me ideal to shop, do your homework, balancing the checkbooks or even helping with tax preparation. If you decide to stop and somewhere else I'll have everything ready for you to access when you return. There's no need to enter the same equation twice.

    I'm beautiful and efficient and make the most of your stunning, big display:

    I display your calculations in clean, elegant font that's easy to read with commas exactly where they are supposed to be. You'll not lose track of the exact location of a calculation because I will show you precisely what's going on at any given time
    I'm able to can remember everything, so stop for a moment, return later, and resume the place you started
    Backspace is a feature that you can utilize anytime to rectify a minor error, rather than starting over
    Keep a memory record of an ongoing total that you are able to see
    - Move memory keys away to access more advanced maths functions.
    My percentage key will show exactly what it was, so that you don't get lost.
    My lovely, intuitive design allows you to perform everyday calculations on your smartphone or tablet