App Cloner v1.5.32 [Premium] [Mod] APK

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    • Create Date December 22, 2022
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    Utilizing App Cloner App Cloner, you are able to build duplicate copies the apps you already have.

    The cloned apps function in parallel and operate independently of their original apps. They do not receive updates automatically, so you are able to keep running an up-to-date version with the original application.

    App cloning may be helpful for simultaneous logins for apps like Facebook, Twitter or Skype but the fun begins by playing around with an app. Cloner app Cloner provides a variety of mods to modify the copy of the app.

    You can modify the app's names and icons. You can disable permissions or permit a cloned application to be installed on an external SD-card. You can turn off auto-start, backups of apps, or uninvited defaults to apps. Cloner app Cloner can also extend the cloned application to add new functions like password protection, incognito with encrypted deletion of files, concealing the Android ID, or spoofing location. It is also possible to force the app to use data only over Wi-Fi. Every new App Cloner update will include more options.